I love my Phantom Screens! I discovered them back in the late '90s at a home show, when I had bought a new house with double doors out to our deck, and needed a solution that wasn't separate screen or sliding doors. The technology was basically a vertical roller which was secured "open" using magnets. They take up virtually no space in the doorway. The original mechanism has lasted more than 20 years. We needed to replace the screen itself on one door 10 years ago due to fraying of the edges -- you'd be frayed too if you were opened and closed several thousand times. The screen material they use must be pretty strong, as we have never had any rips or tears, even with running kids and leaping dogs. We decided to change over to their new technology this year which allows for easier one-hand operation and free movement of both doors in the pair (previously, with the magnets, you needed to instruct everyone on how to open the door properly, and it took two hands to accomplish that). Their customer service seems very friendly, and their technicians show up on time. You need to know that there is some lead time to create the custom parts to fit your situation - you can't just get them off the shelf. An excellent buy and nice people.

Michael E. Toronto, Ontario

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