Candice Froese

Candice Froese
Inside Sales Manager

Candice is the Inside Sales Manager and has been working with customer service for 20-years. She prides herself in working hard, being thorough and maintaining client relationships with exemplary service. She takes her job very seriously and is full of ideas regarding her professional goals that are focused on the success of her clients. Also, Candice strongly believes that good work has life balance that personal and professional tasks do not interfere with the other.

Candice is married and mom of two kids who have been growing up with their cousins and relatives. She enjoys walking around her neighborhood, playing with her young son out in the yard, watching her husband garden, and having a glass of Sangria. She is fulfilled when she is in touch with different cultures and would love to travel across Europe to look at the amazing architecture, tasting the abundance of food and meeting new people.

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