Door Diaries | December 2015
A series inspired by the beauty of opening up your door to good things!

There’s nothing like starting a new year with a brand new date book. That fresh, new-book smell, the opportunity of 365 (or 366 this year) empty spaces that you can fill with all the actions, goals, activities and achievements you are striving towards. It’s an amazingly blank slate.

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Ontario Screen System celebrates 100,000 Screens Installed!
In early May 2015, Ontario Screen Systems sold our 100,000th Phantom Screen! It was quite an occasion, after over 21 years of providing customers in Ontario with the finest retractable screening products in the business! From individual family homes to major condominium projects, our commitment to bring the best to our customers shines through!

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6 Ways to Choose the perfect wall paint colour
Painting the rooms in your home is a fantastic way to add your own personal flair to your living space. However, when people go to any paint store the thousands of choices they are presented with often overwhelm them. From minute differences in the shades of certain colors to Fiery Red and Sky Blue, here are 6 tips to help you find the perfect paint.

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Fight Allergies Using Natural Remedies
From the itchy, red eyes to the random sneezing to the sore throat, allergies just make your day and mood so much worse when you should be enjoying the beautiful spring weather! There are many natural remedies that can be used to fight allergies and can be coupled with allergy medication.

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Keep Insects Out This Summer!
There are many natural options and tips and tricks that can be used to keep your home bug-free this summer! Here is our guide for our top 6 tips to scare the bugs away:

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How To Keep Your Home Safe This Winter
This winter make sure you are keeping your home and yourself safe during the winter!

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Thank you for a great year!
We want to thank everyone for their support over the last year and making 2014 the fantastic year that it has been.

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9 Tricks to Winterize your Home
As the air gets colder and the frost begins to bite, the leaves start falling from the trees and reality hits everyone – winter is here. This winter make sure that you and your home are more prepared for the weather with these 9 tips!

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How to Throw A Great Pool Party This Summer
A pool party is one of the most quintessential activities of the summer and as the weather is warming up it’s a great idea to open up your pool and invite a couple of friends over!

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8 Ways to Keep your Kitchen Clean and Organized
A kitchen is usually one of the busiest places in the house from hot stoves, to kids running around, it can be a center of mayhem. It’s really important to keep your kitchen neat, tidy, and organized and here are 8 tips to help you do that!

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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Fresh in the Winter
The air becomes damp, mouldy, and stale pushing us further into our winter blues. However, small actions to areas around your home can have tremendous impact to the cleanliness of your home. Here are 5 tips to freshen your home in the winter!

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Retractable screens for condos? Definitely.
One of the biggest challenges facing condominium developers and owners is how to successfully blend uniformity and aesthetics. With so many options available to builders these days, condos are in a class by themselves in that they are bound by rules and guidelines when it comes to exterior finishes and additions. So just where do retractable screen products fit in to all of this? Can a product that is typically viewed as an add-on be incorporated into a development that is guided by consistency?

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